If you were working in Finland and you are now without job or in temporary lay off, please contact us at  or phone number +358 505 414 422!

We have jobs available in Finland, on different industries. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Note to jobseekers! The Europass CV

Pay attention to details!

Write your information and describe your skills in a clear and professional way, using a form that is used throughout Europe.

This way you will ensure that your competences and your knowledge are shown in an accurate and distinct manner, increasing your chances for finding a suitable job.

Consider that a brief and messy CV will only look careless and confusing so employers might not take it for selection.

You can find the Europass CV template and other useful information here.

We are constantly searching for metal workers such as CNC machinists, who are able to do both operating and programming on the machines and also welders. But if you’re not a CNC machinist and you are searching for a job on a different field, you can still send your CV to us and we will let you know as soon as we have a suitable offer for you. We are recruiting various types of  professionals like: manual turners and millers, welders, painters, grinders, as well as: mechanics, electricians, IT-specialists, cleaners, carpenters, locksmiths, plasterers, plumbers, tillers, tailors, hairdressers and many other.

Here are the main requirements for the CNC machinists:
– experience minimum 5 years
– operating and programming on CNC centers (by programming we refer to creating the program from zero, independently)
– selecting tools and producing the first piece
– ability to read and understand technical drawings
– reliable and motivated person, who shows efficiency when executing tasks
– good English – at least B1 level (acc. to EU stand.)
– solid knowledge of metal works
– CAD/CAM knowledge is a plus
– the candidate should preferably have a valid driver’s license.

Important information that each candidate applying for a CNC vacancy should provide (what we need to know from you):

– regarding the CNC machine: type (milling or turning), model name, control used on the machine, number of axis, experience on each machine, ability to operate and/or program on each machine, production type (prototype or unique parts/small series/long series)

– materials you worked with (Example: steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminium etc.)

– measurement tools you used (Example: electronic measurement tools, micrometer, meter, caliper, classic caliper, bore kit, triobor tool, precise track kit etc..)

– tolerances you worked with

– size of the parts produced

– CAD/CAM experience: level and software used (Example:  SolidWorks, Unigraphics NX, Catia, SolidCam, Mastercam, Delcam, Edge Cam, Gibbs Cam, CamWorks, Hypermill, Tebis etc..)

– English level

– driver’s license

– what is your motivation to apply for this job.

You can send your  CV at  and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

If you are a welder please provide the following information: type of welding (for example: TIG 141, MIG 131, MAG 135/136 active gas or CO2, welding 111 etc), acquired authorizations, types of parts worked and for what type of industries, materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, chromium, nickel, cast iron, alloys, etc.), thicknesses and dimensions, positions, technical drawing knowledge, other knowledge such as: oxy fuel cutting, plasma / cutting / bending machine operation and other details that you consider relevant.