What we offer to companies:

We offer skilled workers who are tested before starting their contract.

We make recruitment campaigns and find the best match according to your requirements.

Less worries, more experienced and professional employees.

Our workforce database consists of metal workers like: CNC operators and programmers, manual turners and millers, welders, painters and grinders.
We also offer skilled labor in other fields: mechanics, electricians, IT-specialists, cleaners, carpenters, locksmiths, plasterers, plumbers, tillers, tailors and hairdressers.

The workers that we provide come from Finland or other European Union countries.

What we offer to jobseekers:

  • a good salary
  • insurance
  • support in finding suitable accommodation and other facilities the worker might need
  • the opportunity to work in a pleasant environment and live in one of many interesting and attractive locations within Europe

As an employee, you’ll receive:

  • information about the client that you will go to
  • the work to be performed
  • salary conditions
  • details about your location and other info before starting your job

Also, before you come to work, we can help you find reasonable accommodation according to your needs and preferences and also help with your transportation, depending on your case.

If your work performance at our client-company doesn’t meet all the expectations of the client or their needs and we have to end the contract, that doesn’t mean the end of the road for you. We also focus on taking the utmost care of our employees, which means that we’ll try to find another suitable job for you at another client where your skills might be the perfect match.